Mo’s Ode to Asparagus

Image Source: Epicurean

via Epicurean

How do I thank thee
Oh my dear asparagi
snap it and *bam*,
I throw it into the pan
and I come back in three

There is no vegetable which is easier to cook than the asparagus. When the Roman emperor Augustus wanted something done quickly he commanded it to be done “citius quam asparagi coquintur” (quicker than you can cook asparagus). (You may think I have cooked it up, but I serve the source: Epicurean)

So, yes. I find the asparagus the most no-nonsense thing to cook. And strangely, with the very little effort that goes in, everyone still seems to like it. It’s one of those side dishes that makes it look like you have cooked a lot.

Chopping the asparagus:
1. Snap them at the woody stems
2. Chop them roughly, if you want, no need to be very precise.
3. Thinner softer stalks don’t need to be peeled, but if they are thick, you might want to peel them a little. (I don’t)

Now to do the cooking. In a pan, throw in some oil. Olive oil works better. Then decide one of the…

…three stir fry recipes:

1. Soy sauce: Put in a little bit of it (and skip the salt, please). Stir fry. Add fresh red chillies for kicks. Done!
2. Garlic+ Fresh red chillies +salt to taste: Stir fry. Done!
3. Salt and Pepper. Try to look for Lemon pepper – that works wonders!

I prefer to steam my asparagus a little before I stir fry, so that it doesn’t spend too much time in the pan, and it’s healthier. But if you think it will soften them too much, then don’t. If it is a thicker stem, you should.


10 responses to “Mo’s Ode to Asparagus

  1. Asparagus is real good.
    i like taste the real taste and not over do the spices.

    great post!

  2. Kraz,

    I put a picture there, for people like you.


  3. Recipeman,

    Yes, I love asparagus. I love the lemon pepper version.
    It enhances the taste.


  4. It looks like beans. The type that you rip a thread out from the side and then snap. No?

  5. No. It’s like the flowers on grass. Skip this recipe.

    What vegetables can you identify?
    We aim to please.


  6. if it makes you feel better – i dont know asparagus either. also is the plural of asparagus, asparagii?

  7. Potato. Onion. Capsicum. Pepperoni.

  8. Cyn, collective noun. there is no grasses.

    Kraz, Brilliant! Minus the pepperoni, recipe coming your way.


  9. I do not know the veggie called pepperoni.

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