Quick couscous salad

Few basic ingredients.

Couscous (not to be confused with the Indian khus khus = poppy seeds, the kinds that can get you in trouble at airports, unless you are Mo. ) – 1 cup

Onions – 1 small

Garlic – couple of cloves

Capsicum &/ Carrots &/ Tomatoes

Chilli, finely chopped – swaad ke anusaar

Coriander/herb of choice (parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme if you want.)

Note: In case of non-availability of couscous, this recipe works well with broken wheat/daliya as well.

Boil couscous/daliya as per instructions on pack, with some salt. The grains should be separate and fluffy.

Chop veggies into bite-sized pieces.

Toss the veggies, chilli and boiled couscous together. Add some more salt and pepper to taste. Eat.

(If you hate raw onions and garlic or have  date later in the day, please saute them in a little bit of oil first.)


Make the couscous separate, and serve grilled/sauteed veggies on the side.

If too dry, you can eat it with some dahi on the side, or mix it in.

Black olives, chopped, fit right into this dish. Heck, they belong here.

Two magic words: Aloo bhujia. Mix in 2 teaspoons and eat. Sigh. And ask person living with you to bury the rest of the bhujia packet somewhere out of reach.


One response to “Quick couscous salad

  1. Couscous, yes.
    Quick? Really?*
    Salad too?

    In other words, pretty much Upma, right? You’re making me crave now….been a few months since I got couscous.


    * (Ok, let me not redefine laziness stds.)

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