The Witches


…are spoiling the broth.

Chief Cyn stirs up dreams in a cauldron. Known for her laziness creativity, she believes in the simplicity of taste and effort. Her salads in seconds recipes are already a rage.

Superwoman Shub is the world renowned chef you mom warned you about. Famous around the world right from the dangerous darshinis in Bangalore, to the cozy kopitams of Singapore, Shub has won over every cook and corner of the world.

Mona Daring – is a very brave crook. Never too afraid to experiement, she can cheat you with her tricks teach you tricks for a quick meal. Her Michelin Stars are just perhaps running around the F1 track.


3 responses to “The Witches

  1. What lies. I like anyway.
    Michelin stars on F1 track. I bow before thee.

  2. The Three Ladleleers of Culinary Land….

    I bow to thee

  3. What a nice intro!!I want to stand up and say ‘Hear,hear!’-wishing you all(and us all) many happy culinary delight days!!:)(And,maybe u’ll allow a guest novice like me to send in a concoction recipe once in a while?Like,say, shrikhand with wholemeal bread sandwich)

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