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Veggies in sweet & sour gravy (I’m sure this has a better name, but I can’t recall)

You need:

Stuff. Preferably –

Capsicum (1 green + 1 red or yellow, chopped into 1 inch squares) Or bell peppers, if you swing that way.

Onion (1 medium, chopped into 1 inch squares. The 1 inch is just my way of sounding less haphazard. Don’t go taking rulers into the kitchen and measurin’. Chop as you please.)

Broccoli/cauliflower florets*(about a cup)

Carrot (1 small, sliced)

Cornflour (1 tbsp)

Paneer (half a cup, or as you please) or Tofu (I won’t judge you)

Soy sauce and hot chilli sauce (Swaad ke anusaar. Not really, you need atleast about a tbsp of both to begin with.)

Ginger garlic paste (1 tsp)


  • Bring some water to a boil. Add the carrot and capsicum pieces and blanch*. [Meaning, put it into the boiling water for just a minute and drain.] Run under cold water. The veggies, not you. So they are just cooked, yet firm.
  • Saute the paneer cubes in little oil and set aside. Then saute the onions with ginger-garlic paste. You can add sliced green chillies here – optional. Add a generous tablespoon of chilli sauce and soya sauce. Once the mixture comes to a boil, add 2cups of water and heat for a bit.
  • Mix cornflour in a little water well so it’s non-lumpy. Add to the above saucy(!) mixture. Keep stirring. The plot thickens. The gravy, I mean. Add the paneer, blanched veggies and let it boil for a minute or so.  Let it cool a bit. Garnish with chopped spring onion. Eat with lice**/fly lice**/noodles.

Oh! SALT! Of course, please add salt as you see fit. Yes, you can add it at the end if you forget earlier. We’re accommodating that way. But go easy since the soy sauce is salty.

Other veggies you can add – beans, ‘shrooms, babycorn. Get creative. Don’t add karela and baingan though. Don’t tell me if you do. I WILL judge you.

*I like these words. Florets. Blanch. Makes me sound all posh. So I invented a whole new recipe just so I could use them. Kidding.

**Rice/ Fried rice of course. Blame it on Singapore.

PS: Next time I think I’ll try adding copious amounts of dried red chilli and try to Schezuanize (Sichuanize?) the whole thing. Hmm.

Serves about 4.