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In which Mo whips up some Tapas

I begged for luck, a lot of people came. It was great fun and may be attributed to the sangria. Frankly,  I dont know how authentic it is, but I called it spanish. The trick is that even if the dish is not exotic, one must have an exotic name for it. So there, g, does that answer your koschen?.
Oh, and not all the ingredients will be available everywhere, so you can experiment.

1. Mango Salsa minus the corn (because I forgot to buy it). Served with tortilla chips. No jalapenos, I used old fashioned green chillies. You need the chillies for the flavour, not the spice.

Preparation time: 20 mins.
Audience reception
: Alright.
Chef’s difficulty rating
: 1.5
Cheat code
: Eat bits of the mango. An inspired cook works better.

2. Parma ham + Melon taken off the super market shelves, wrapped around melon with party toothpick in. Of course mine didn’t look as attractive as the one below, because it’s hard (read: nearly impossible) to cut it into equal sized pieces.

love love

love love

Wrap pieces of Parma Ham around Melon/Rock Melon. I love this. Though it’s exhausting, I love eating it, so I love making it. One should always make food they enjoy.

Preparation time: 30 mins.
Audience reception
: Brilliant
Chef’s difficulty rating: 5.  There is no cooking involved, but wrapping ham around the melon can get tiring.
Cheat code: There is no need to cut the melon evenly. Oh, and put a few drops of lemon on the melon, here and there, because I like the sound of it.

3. Moroccan Kababs

One needs to figure out a way to skewer them. If you have a way, it will be brilliant. Alternately cook them in a pan and put toothpicks.

Meat: Chicken Breast. Use chicken breast because it’s easy to cook.

Marinade: Chopped garlic + Lemon + Paprika + Oregano + Salt. Leave it overnight in the fridge.

Garnish: Parsley

Preparation time: 40 mins. Involves chopping chicken and putting meat through the skewers.
Audience reception: fingerlicking good.
Chef’s difficulty rating: 4.5. Effort is in threading meat into the skewers. Borrrrrrring.
Cheat code: Soak the skewers in water first, else they burn.

4. Prawns with lemon drizzle.

Prawns are fun to cook because they get done fast.

Meat: Prawns. Get frozen tiger prawns. Something which still has the tails. DO NOT struggle with the de-veining. It’s not worth it.

In a pan, put oil, bits of chopped garlic. And then the prawn.

Add lemon rind. Then squeeze the juice of a lemon. Put parsley on top.

Preparation time: 20 mins. 
Audience reception: A bit of the alright
Chef’s difficulty rating: 2/5
Effort: is in threading meat into the skewers. Borrrrrrring.
Cheat code: Microwave the prawns?

5. Patatas Bravas

Ah, the world famous spanish aloo chat.

Image source: BBC good food

Image source: BBC good food

Meat: Fry chopped potatoes. Add salt to them. Oh, the best part, you don’t have to peel the potatoes. 🙂

Brava Sauce: In a pan, or as they say in cook-ese, heavy bottom skillet,  put Chopped garlic + Coriander and cumin powder. Then add the tomato paste (from a can). Add a bit of sugar, and salt. and paprika. If you can lay your hand on some cooking sherry/ red wine, pour some of it in. All of this makes the whole sauce a little sour, so I added a bit of sugar to correct.

Preparation time: 30 mins. 
Audience reception: Tending to good. I made lots, and I still have leftovers.
Chef’s difficulty rating: 2.5 /5
Effort: is in chopping the potatoes. Since you dont have to peel them, works better. 🙂
Cheat code: Reheat sauce before serving.

6. Roast bell pepper/Cherry tomatoes with Tuna stuffing

Preparation time: Forever 
Audience reception: Not many people ate it.
Chef’s difficulty rating: 15 on a scale of 1-5
Effort: DONT TRY THIS AT HOME. The most disasterous thing I have ever made.

You still want this recipe?

Ah, yes, anyone wants my sangria recipe – let me know.