Tomato Takatak

On the rare occasions I browse through recipe books, I have been always flummoxed by sun-dried tomatoes. I know what sun dried tomatoes are. I love them. But I am damned if I know where I can obtain them.

So in the spirit of necessity is the mother of invention, I set out to conjure them up. Common sense dictated that putting cut tomatoes in the sun was not the likely solution. Ants would eat them. Or I would forget about them or in the Indian sun, they would become chargrilled tomatoes.

That’s when I had an eureka moment – let us try the microwave! Not content with just trying out the tomatoes, I added some what I call my pizza-ingredients – and voila, a fairly interesting appetizer type thingummy was born.

2 crisp red tomatoes cut vertically into four
3 cloves of garlic – crushed
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt to taste
1/4th tsp Basil
1/4th tsp Oregano
1/4th tsp Freshly ground Pepper.


Place the tomatoes face down on a flat microwave dish. Add all the other ingredients to it.

Microwave for about seven minutes ( or more if you prefer that slightly brown, crisp taste)

And you can try it with combinations, add the odd onion, put it on browned, buttery toast, put it with onions and lettuce and make it into a salad, add olives and some o-love will happen ( as usual, we try to give full paisa vasool in the recipes, four for the price of one)

Not what one would call a filling meal, but it can deceive your brain + stomach into thinking its eaten actual continental.


5 responses to “Tomato Takatak

  1. Are you turning into a chef yourself? are you? *faints*

  2. I am very offended stray gray. I was always an cordon-blah chef. Didnt you know?

  3. Sounds brilliant. For some reason I thought the microwave would turn it into a soggy mess.
    Also, this sounds all pish-posh, upping the market value of the humble bhajifried. Heh.

  4. Shub, it does first turn into a soggy mess. then it dries up. Is it so posh. Cool if posh stuff is easy we should do it more often

  5. Hmmmmmm…(takes in the aroma)…nice..

    BTW, while this kitchen’s in full-swing, how about whipping something up at the ‘word’ kitchen as well, the other blog? 🙂

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