Chef Sra’s Super-fudge

Cyn’s Edit:I have managed to rope in someone who ACTUALLY has a cooking blog which ACTUALLY has 193 recipes (I counted). That means she knows at least 193 recipes (gasp!).It also has such fabulous names and pictures it makes me hungry motivated every time I go and drool over read it.

Cyn says I’m the only chef with any pedigree to be writing on this blog. I wish I could justify that sweet belief by writing about a magical dish that began and ended magically, but the truth is that a little bit of it is still lying in my fridge, after almost two weeks. You see, it turned out just too sweet, despite my adjusting for ingredients and quantities available. It was lovely, but if you’re thinking of settling in front of the TV with a nice chunk of it, well … it’s difficult. I’m able to eat only a couple of spoons a time.

 This is not even my own recipe. I found it here 

 But ultimately, I used

 A can of condensed milk (200 ml)

Cocoa (powder) – grey zone between 2 and 3 tbsp

Chocolate cream biscuits – crushed to make 2 cups (reserve some of the crumbs for topping)

Vanilla essence – 1 tsp

 Well-greased container – 1 (I used ghee as it was handy)

 In a pan, add cocoa to the condensed milk. (Make sure you have a bandage nearby – if you’re like me, you’re sure to cut you finger in the tin foil and bleed. I flatter myself that my cut was of ‘needs stitches’ calibre.)

 Mix well and let it boil. (At this point, I didn’t remember the instructions in the recipe and it boiled much more than it should have, and became quite thick.)

 Take it off the stove and add the vanilla.

 Add (most of) the crushed biscuits to this. Mix well and pour into the greased container.

 Top with reserved biscuit crumbs.

 Chill for at least four hours (mine chilled for 8 hours or more).

 Mine didn’t achieve the brownie consistency it was supposed to. It wasn’t cuttable, or neatly divisible.

 Just make sure you dig it out with a sturdy spoon if it turned out like mine.

 It was too dense to call pudding so I called it fudge. You can call it whatever you want.

Heck, I call most of my vegetables fudge – when I am not using them as missiles that is. So a dessert which is actually called by a dessert name works well with me.

Thank you very muchly Sra. Also, do you want to adopt me? 

P.S. Title courtesy this book


5 responses to “Chef Sra’s Super-fudge

  1. Thanks for trying the recipe.

  2. Oh, what fun to see this here! And read the commentary. I will adopt you, sure, Cynic, but when you see really how it is … And Madhuram, this is a great recipe, I just have to work on it to get it to look like yours.

  3. Came here from Sra’s space…….hmm nice to discover a new style blog….zara hatke….

  4. I love superfudge, rather the whole fudge series and Judy Blume happens to be one of my favourite authors:) when I enter Neverland.

    I enjoyed reading your mis-adventure:)

  5. (Standing up with hand raised like Hermione on answer spree)
    Pick me, pick me Sra!

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