Stray Gray Matter’s Jiggly wobbly mango pudding

Cyn’s edition: Misundestanding happened. This was written by the (sweet, sinful – tick whichever adjective you want) In love with my life. Cyn’s internet connection was malfunctioning so the post was forwarded to Mo without the appropriate footnotes. So credit please to Ms. Stray Gray Matter

p>What to do when you find extra mangoes in the fridge…
[Mo’s wisdom: eat them]

Pick three mangoes
Hunt for a can of milkmaid
Find three eggs.
Dig out your baking bowl

[Mo’s wisdom: I warn ya, eat the damn mangoes]

Now peel and chop the mangoes, blend the pulp out of it.
Open the can of milkmaid, resist licking the lid and pour all that stuff into a clean bowl.
Now, add all the pulp into the bowl and mix.

Refrain from eating the mixture as is, or attempting to make milkshake of it [Mo’s wisdom: If I were you, I would eat it. Cyns foot-footnote – Mo the mangoes or the milkmaid or the milkshake or all of above?]
Be zen, take a deep breath, and break those three eggs into the mixture.
Now go mixie, mixie, mixie…with a whisk or blender.

Open the fridge, take out butter, cut a piece, and generously apply all around the baking bowl.
Pour the mixture into the bowl, bake at 180 C for 40 minutes. The pudding will be slightly jiggly, wobbly (high resemblance to one’s tummy) when taken out.

Wait to cool, refrigerate and dig right in. You could cut them into pieces if you have the patience.
Preferable served with a leetle bit of fresh cream on the side.

Now, go and run a 5K to make up.
[Mo’s wisdom: toldja, you should’ve just had the mangoes instead!]

[ Cyn’s foot to foot note: Mo, you really think I can make something as exotic as this? Man I am impressed that I sound so knowledgable]

A very warm and heartfelt thank you to Stray Gray the Yellow Fellow maker.


9 responses to “Stray Gray Matter’s Jiggly wobbly mango pudding

  1. Wow! This is waaaaay sinful! Any specific species of mango? and 3 mangoes, therefore 3 eggs? is there an equation?

  2. Aiyo.

    StrayGray – Apologies. Sowwy, sowwy.

    Cyn – I seriously thought you did it till I saw the 180deg. And I would eat the mangoes.

  3. Mo – i dont even HAVE a baking bowl.

    Shachii inquiries shall be forwarded to the author of the recipe.

  4. Shachii: Mangoes- any- as long as they are sweet. And 3 mangoes since i could find only 3…you could add 4 mangoes to 3 eggs too- it works. Beyond that, please use maths.

    Pls note: This itself feeds a large family.

  5. Scary man. You actually use words like ‘blend’!! Took me ten minutes of intense eyebrow-screweed-up-concentration to figure you meant ‘dump in mixie and run till people watching TV start complaining’.

  6. Oh! It turned out so AWESOME!!! 🙂 Largely fed my family!! Thank you Stray Gray!! You be genius!

  7. shachii now you write a recipe. we shall start the new viral cooking tag!

  8. Viral cooking tag sounds like a big pain. Wonderful..


  9. @ Cynic, I don’t have a baking bowl either. Do you think the old style dump in cooker and steam will work?

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