Mo begs for luck

20 people come for late afternoon snacks to my place, and I have never hosted such a big event. Because I was lazy enough not to get a caterer, the plan is to make the following snacks/tapas which won’t be too much of a trouble to make. I have never hosted more than 6-7 people at a time, and this seems big. The menu for now:

  1. Patatas bravas.
  2. Shrimp something which i have no clue about, I will probably call it lemon drizzle or something
  3. Bite sized Teriyaki chicken, which can be done really fast, I think, because the marinade is from a bottle
  4. Bell pepper rolls with tuna stuffing which I saw the pic of and looks very attractive.
  5. Prosciutto with Rock Melon, because I would like to eat it myself.
  6. Chips + Mango Salsa (Pi’s recipe)

What else do you recommend? Tips?

And make it quick.


2 responses to “Mo begs for luck

  1. I just buy stuff 😛

    Hmm… let’s see – Grilled portabellos with a goat cheese stuffing?

    Kathi rolls – Never fails on me – Desis and Firangs alike

    Puff pastry and some random stuffing inside? Cheese and spinach, mebbe?

  2. *gulp* Tell me you’re asking for more suggestions and then you’ll choose which few snacks? Or all the ones you listed and mo? :O

    My definition of a super-host is anyone who makes exotic appetizers &/or desserts. You qualify.

    So did I answer your question? No. I always buy appetizers – most I do with them is put them in the oven.


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