Cynic’s cabbage in cutlets clothing*

Lets face it – cabbage is a blah vegetable.

 It has no character, no will power, no taste no nothing. It’s rather like those folks in a Governmental office. Pale, potbellied and billious green who will be damned if they do any work for you.

Which is why finding any good cabbage recipe is a momentous occasion worthy of many ballads and poems. Since I cannot write ballads ( ask Mo, sigh) and can manage only bad poems, I shall instead just share the recipe.**

Cabbage ( half a head) ~ 1/2 kilo – grated

Two large onions – grated

Approx 1 tsp of the following

Chilli Powder

Roasted Coriander powder

Garam masala

Pinch of Turmeric

Pinch of Amchur powder

2 tbsp of Besan ( Chickpea flour)

~ 75-100 gms of Rice flour ( you need enough for it to get bound properly)

Salt to taste

Mix the whole thing together, pat it into a cutlet, and shallow fry it on a tawa on low fire.

You can change the individual masalas depending on taste.

This can be served as an accompaniment, or sneaked into bread slices for unsuspecting kids or cabbage-hating-spouses .


** I have actually made this today, so if I am inspired enough, I might actually take the effort of taking a photograph and posting it.***

*** Remember, this site’s USP are its lazy cooks. You cant expect lazy cooks to take photos and put them up now, can you?


6 responses to “Cynic’s cabbage in cutlets clothing*

  1. I hope the hezzband reads this. I happen to be a cabbage-hating spouse 😛 Well not entirely, but cabbage-super-fussy for sure.

    Ei, grills – I got a sudden whim for mission-sanyaas: eating healthy for a week. Nice but healthy some fad-like stuff for kicks. Join no?

  2. cabbage 😐 I’m not a fan, if I may say so!

    I FINALLY subscribed to the site 🙂 Tell me where is the subscribe button here? Haan? haan?

  3. Hey,

    Just made them. And they are lovely! I had a doubt whether the cabbages would be cooked with the shallow frying, but they were perfect.

    I also baked a batch to avoid the oil and just used some breadcumbs to get the cruncy outer layer and cooking spray to get the brown colour and it was good too.

    Thanks for the recipe.

  4. g – cabbage super fussy too. its a damn sad vegetable no. refuses to taste like anything but cardboard in most cases. send some health recipes yus. we shall have a health series too.

    nandini – i shall ask mo and tell you. tech challengedness happens no

    GWBE – you tried them? wow. im always terrified when the readers actually try the recipes ( not a good thing to admit on a so called cooking site no?) – i reckon cabbages cook quite fast. mine get done soon. baking sounds like a good ideas as well. will try that next time. thanks for the tip!

  5. Yass. Don’t know many ‘health recipes’. The stuff I generally make is reasonably healthy. Are we still on for eating ghaas-phus? (I meant salads etc. not necessariy vegetarian :P)


    PS: Here’s a one-liner health recipe:

    Cut a red bell pepper / cucumber / zuccini, sprinkle salt (+pepper & lime)), eat.

  6. Wow. Cabbage cutlet sounds nice. I thought cabbage isnt worth my time. Yesterday i pressure cooked it with masalas and mushrooms. Wasnt bad actually. And, i saved a lot of time!

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