g’s chicken katti roll

And this one is a guest post by the lovely G at 42. Who has demystified something as complex sounding as a katti roll – what more could you ask for?



Pre-cooked frozen boneless chicken breast strips
[Your favorite brand] Tandoori chicken Masala
Coriander/ Mint / Green chilli*** chutney / Pesto from the store
Frozen Malaysian Parathas
A little oyl
1 small onion
lemon / vinegar
salt to smell


Boneless chicken breasts
Ginger & Garlic paste
Pinch of turmeric
Coriander powder tt****
[Your favorite brand] Tandoori Chicken Masala
Homemade Coriander / Mint Chutney
Frozen Malaysian Parathas
Some oyl (yes, that’s more than a little oyl)
1 small onion
lemon / vinegar
salt to smell*****

Oh, alright homemade coriander/mint chutney:

1 mother / friend / friend’s mother
1 telephone


(Hard-workers deserve to know first):

1. (Thaw and) Cut chicken breast into bite sized pieces. Remember the pieces become bigger when cooked, so cut them slightly smaller than you’d like them.
2. Lightly rinse in warm water. Add ginger-garlic paste, all spices & salt, squeeze a little lemon and mix properly (with fingers :P). Let it marinate for  bit.
3. Put some oil in a wok; when it’s sufficiently heated, add the chicken. Sauté, and keep at it every few minutes.
(If you coincidentally happen to be humming Ada, aay hay Ada at the time, sautéing at every Adaaaaaaa would be a good pace)
4. Sprinkle some more Tandoori Masala if you want to kill time or need a distraction. But don’t blame me later if it’s too much 😛

6. On the side, make the Paratha as per the packet instructions.

7. I’m assuming you’ve already made the coriander chutney 1-2 days ago. I never really make coriander chutney for this roll, but I invariable make the kathi role if I’ve already made the chutney.

8. Halve and slice onions reasonably thin. Drizzle lemon juice or vinegar. Add salt.

9. Smear Chutney on Paratha, add the chicken, add onions, roll (the Paratha :P) eat.

(Wokay, now you lazy bums):

1. Microwave breast strips  for 30 sec to a min (till they’re softish).
2. Start making Parathas simultaneously
3. Add a little oyl, Tandoori Masala to the chicken, lemon, salt. Mix thoroughly, nuke again.
4. If Paratha is burnt by now, take another one. Maybe you should just wait till the chicken is done 😛
5. Do 8 & 9 above.
* Really Really Lazy Version
** Lie-Lie Lazy Version
*** Only if you enjoy the after-dance
**** to taste
***** Alright, even salt to taste – (don’t tell me you actually smelled it :P)
****** You’re right Cyn, this is fun! 😉

Thanks for humoring me, you three! Was fun posting 🙂

Cyn’s footnotes

We want more! We want more! We want more! Recipes I mean.

Also could you fedex the rolls to my address? Thanking you verr muchly


3 responses to “g’s chicken katti roll

  1. g,

    I realized people are too lazy to scroll down to see what RRLV means.


  2. Hehehe, nice one mo!


  3. yum!! this looks real nice.
    good for peope with no time :-))

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