Mo takes the prawn curry for a spin

Main  ingredients:

Tamarind (soak in water/use extract)

Wait, only if you can get past peeling and de veining them, move forward. Else, skip the recipe. Or, you could use frozen ones.

Other ingredients (Mix and match):

Coriander Powder
Chilli Powder



1. Microwave prawns with water till they look cooked.
2. Put the first four of the “other ingredients” into the pan with the oil.  Stir. Wait.
3. Add the prawns. Stir, wait.
4. Now add the tamarind extract and a little water. Let it boil and dry up.

Test, taste.

5. Too sour? Add a bit of sugar/jaggery.

6. For a real spin,  add a bit of shredded ginger, and chopped red chillies.

Stir. Garnish. Serve.


9 responses to “Mo takes the prawn curry for a spin

  1. wow!!

    doesnt cooking the prawns for this long…kind of make them rubbery?

    Just asking….U r the chef U would know. wouldnt u?

  2. Now tell us how to make the coconut curry too. And ladies, please don’t think of me as your stalker.

  3. sunshin3girl – i think we love you. you are our first commentor. Cyn.

  4. Pinku,

    They didnt turn out rubbery when I tried this. it’s a very quick recipe. dont “wait” too long.

    If you are scared, skip the microwaving, and drop straight into the pan. Let it fry a little then add the tamarind.

    No chef, just believe in easy recipes.


  5. looks good
    i never tried prawns in the micro.
    might do this.


  6. Recipe Man,
    I usually do that so they cook faster. Patience is not one of my virtues.

    Again, improvise. The trick of this is the tamarind and sugar which gives a very different taste to the prawn curry.

    We are still ironing out the details of how to present our recipes.

  7. Yayyyyyyyy! 😀 This is so much more fun 😉

    – Nandini

  8. thanks. well this looks a great blog.
    waiting to see what else u will come up with!
    good luck

    keep intouch

  9. i have prawns in my freezer and i will try this on monday. the only change i would make is to quick fry the prawns instead of putting it in the microwave 🙂

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